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This Week In Food, Fitness, And Winter Break

Hello and happy Friday, everyone! I hope your week has treated you well. My winter break is coming to an end and it is back to work on Monday. I have had a wonderful two weeks off.

Before I move on, I noticed that my last post was having issues, but it is back up now! If you missed it, check it out.

Now onto my weekly recap!


I woke up, had coffee, then went to the gym for a 30 minute HIIT workout on the treadmill. It was awesome.

After getting ready, my husband and I met my mom and our nephew for lunch and a movie  (we saw the new Jumanji). We had lunch at Bibibop, which is build your own Asain bowls. I had a bowl with spicy chicken, purple rice, veggies, and a side of teriyaki sauce. So good!!!

We all loved the movie and had a great time together!

After the movie, we ran some errands and picked up the house. When we were ready for dinner, we made chicken legs in the air fryer, sweet potato tots, and a salad!


I decided to take a class late morning at my gym called no limits circuit. It was so fun trying something new! It mixes lifting and cardio, leaving me sore for days after! 

I had lunch at my gym cafe.

Grilled chicken salad and a cocoa matcha smoothie.

After lunch, I ran to the grocery store and did a few things around the house. For dinner, I made tacos and air fried plantain. It was excellent! 


I woke up and had coffee with my husband. Once he left for work, I made protein pancakes for breakfast. 

Kodiak Cakes pancake mix, chocolate peanut butter protein powder and dark chocolate chips. YUM!!! 

After breakfast, I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the stair climber. So. Much. Sweat.

Once I finished up at the gym and got ready, it was a day full of family! I met up with my mom before having lunch with my oldest brother and his 3 kiddos. We ate at Roosters and took time to catch up. 

My super tasty salad!

After lunch, we headed to my mom’s place before meeting up with my other brother and his little family. My niece is growing so fast! I didn’t want to leave. 

After seeing them, my mom and I picked up dinner at a place called Crazy Wraps and Bowls. We ate dinner and rented a movie at her place! It was nice to relax after a full day of driving!


My mom and I woke up early and went to Starbucks. After coffee and breakfast, we headed to her gym. I took a spin class and loved it! The instructor was energetic and class was killer.

After the gym, we had a short visit with my sister in law and niece before I had to drive home.

My mom and I ate lunch at Subway, then it was back home for me. I was exhausted by the time I got back so I took a long nap. 

For dinner I had a taco salad and toast.  

I also added crushed up tortillas on top! 

My husband and I rented a movie before bed.


I woke up early and met my work bestie for Starbucks! 

After coffee and a little cleaning, I went to the gym and did a leg workout. I can already tell I will be sore tomorrow. 

We are having friends over for dinner tonight and I am so excited! 

Now it is off to fold laundry…

Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


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