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A Look Back And Moving Forward 

Hello and happy almost 2018! If you have any plans tonight please be safe!! I will be drinking wine on my couch with my hubby and cats. 

This year has had highs, lows, and everything in between. I wanted to share some of those, as well as some hopes for the new year. 


  • We bought a house! We have worked SO hard to make it homey and it sure paid off. We are beyond greatful for our families and all of the help they have given to us. 
  • I found a church that I love and I am so thankful for that.
  • We took fun trips! 2 Nashville visits, Gun Lake, and North Carolina. We are so blessed to be able to travel.
  • My niece was born beautiful and healthy! 
  • We celebrated 2 years of marriage. Being married to such a hard working, selfless man has been such a blessing. 
  • I started this blog! I have learned so much about myself and love the journey it has taken me on. 
  • My whole family celebrated Christmas together. It has been 6 years (at my dad’s funeral) since we have all been together. Being able to reconcile the past is so amazing and I couldn’t ask for more. 
  • My husband and I tried (and failed) at getting pregnant. I also started fertility meds, and I am greatful for the options available. I didn’t know if I would share that, but it is an important topic to talk about. I have been through so many emotions, but have an amazing support system! 

Overall it has been an awesome year and I am excited to grow in 2018.

2018 GOALS

  • Continue to grow my blog. This is such a great outlet for me and I have met some incredible people.
  • Continue trying for a baby! I pray not to get frustrated with the process. 
  • Be more consistent in church and devotions.
  • Continue having a healthy lifestyle. I have worked hard on my health and fitness goals, and am proud of the balance I have. 
  • Grow as a wife, friend, daughter, sister, and overall person.

Thanks for reading and happy New Year to you all! 

With love, 


9 thoughts on “A Look Back And Moving Forward ”

  1. Happy New Year, Carly! You and your husband are so darn cute! I love the wedding photo so much. 💖
    Your baby is gonna be so beautiful! Don’t get frustrated, remember that it’s literally like 1 day of the month where you can actually get pregnant. 💖

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  2. Happy New year to you! I have really enjoyed following your posts and am excited to see what 2018 brings for you 😊 you should be proud of how honest you were able to be about your fertility struggles too, it is not an easy subject to talk about, I have some experience, but this space is a great one for sharing experiences and emotions.

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