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Fitness And Foodie Friday 

Happy Friday, all! I am certainly ready for the weekend. The rapid weather change has made me feel a bit yucky and I’m ready for some extra sleep! 

Despite not feeling well, the week has been good! Great workouts, extra Starbucks, and tasty food always makes me smile. I also started a new devotional book with my work bestie, and it has me doing a lot of soul searching. (More on that in another post). For now, I will focus on this week in food and fitness. 


I took my regular workout class after work, the C9 challenge. I felt a little sluggish, which happens more often than not Mondays after work. I pushed through and felt good by the end. 

Dinner was beef and minestrone soup with cornbread muffins. 


I woke up early and took spinning. It was tough, but felt great! 

Dinner was stir fry and sweet potato fries. Odd mix, I know, but sweet potato fries are life. Haha!

Kroger always has stir fry kits on sale and I add chicken! Cheap, easy, and super tasty!!


I was pretty tired when I woke up, but I forced myself to my workout class (TCX). Class was hard, but as always, I was glad I went. 

After work, my mom came over and we did some Christmas shopping before grabbing dinner at Whole Foods.  We took our food home so we could eat in comfy clothes. 

Salad with tofu, peas, brussel sprouts, seeds, and a few other things. I also had chicken noodle soup, a wheat roll, and coconut water. 


I woke up feeling a touch under the weather. I had a slight chest cold and a runny nose. I ate a big breakfast since I always tend to be hungrier with a cold. 

After work, I decided to try a new yoga class so I could get some exercise, but still take it easy. It was much harder and different than I expected! Typically I would have loved it…yoga + weights and some cardio is right up my alley, but that night I was hoping for something easy and relaxing. 

I’m glad I was able to try a new class!

After class, I came home and made a salad with chicken and sweet potato fries. It was quick and tasty!! 

The dressing I had was amazing!! It was strawberry poppyseed by OPA! 


I woke up still having my chest cold. I went for a run and grabbed a huge Starbucks coffee and those seemed to help break up the cold a bit. 

After work I plan on taking it easy and sitting by my fireplace until bed. 

Yay for the weekend!

Have a good one!

With love, 


11 thoughts on “Fitness And Foodie Friday ”

  1. Mmmm, all the food looks delicious especially the minestrone soup w/ the cornbread muffin. Did you bake those yourself??
    Get well soon!! ❤


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