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Weekend Wrap-Up (food, fitness, wine, and relaxing)

Hello, all! The weekend always seems to fly, doesn’t it? We had the whole weekend at home and it was perfect! I wish we had just one more day of it.


After work, I went with a couple co-workers to do a wine tasting at Coopershawk winery. It was great to unwind and sample a bunch of tasty wines. 

I was pretty hungry when I got home, so I made chicken with veggies and sweet potato fries for dinner.

My husband and I watched some T.V. before bed. 


I enjoyed staying in my PJ’S for a few hours Saturday morning. I made coffee and protein pancakes for breakfast and ate it in front of the t.v. 

Pancakes made with Kodiak Cake pancake mix, chocolate peanut butter protein powder, pecans, and dark chocolate chips. Then I topped them with honey and cinnamon. 

Early afternoon I headed to the gym for a spin class. It was extremely challenging, and I loved it! 

After the gym, I grabbed a smoothie from the cafe, then hit Trader Joe’s to grab lunch. 

Lemon chicken and arugula salad! Yum!! I also had some popped chips with it.

After lunch, my husband and I spent a few hours cleaning and running some errands for house stuff. 

Dinner was a sweet onion chicken burger on a grilled flatout with cheese, guacamole, and a side of sweet potato fries. It was delicious!!

After dinner, I made cookies because I wanted something sweet. 

These were for real!! Super tasty and healthy!

The rest of the evening was spent watching football. 


My friend picked me up pretty early for church. We stopped at Starbucks on the way of course!

After church, my husband and I had a brunch date at Cracker Barrel. 

Buttermilk oven baked chicken, cheese grits, and broccoli. Amazing!!!! I topped the chicken with sugar free maple syrup. Yum! I ate every bite. 

After brunch, we hit up the outlet mall by us. We ran a few more errands (Lowe’s and the grocery store) before heading home. Dinner was a southwest salad kit topped with coconut oil fried plantain. I made a dressing by mixing OPA ranch and buffalo sauce for a kick. It was so good!

Now it’s time to relax with my husband and kitties! 

Have a wonderful week!

With love, 


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