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Fit Friday-This Week Of Food And Fitness 

Hello and happy Friday, everyone! I couldn’t be more ready for the weekend. Things have been crazy and I need to relax and recharge. After work, I am going to Coopershawk winery with some co-workers. I am SO excited. It is much needed! The rest of the weekend will be filled with house work and enjoying time with my husband. Yay!!

I had a good week of eating and working out so here is my recap!


After work, I went to the gym and took my regular class: the C9 challenge. The instructor is full of energy and always keeps me working hard.

For dinner, I made mini meatloafs with sweet onion bbq sauce and a salad. It was awesome!! I love making meals in muffin tins. 


I woke up early and headed to the gym for a spinning class. Another great workout before work!

After work, my mom came over and we went to Whole Foods to get dinner off of the salad bar. We brought it back to my place to eat and watch This Is Us. If you don’t watch it you should!! It is beautifully done. 



I took an early morning workout class: TCX (total conditioning extreme). It was hard and I am still sore, but in a good way.

After work and my chiropractor appointment, I poured myself some champagne while making dinner. 

Cooking up my chicken with OPA dressing. SO good!!

My finished product: chicken, spinach, and coconut oil fried plantain topped with strawberry poppyseed dressing. Absolutely delicious!


The work day took it’s toll on me and my co-workers. I went to the gym after and ran out as much anger as I could. It felt good to sweat and release my frustrations through excercise and music. 

For dinner, we made stir fry over red quinoa. I also had bread with butter and jelly! Yum!! 


I started the morning with a 30 minute stair climber workout. I chugged a necessary Starbucks coffee, then headed to work.

Cheers to the weekend!

Have a good one, all!

With love, 


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