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Our Anniversary Trip To See Wicked And Other Weekend Randoms

Hellooo everyone! I am so sad Thanksgiving break is over. It’s back to work now until Christmas break. We have had such a blessed week full of family, food, friends, and fun. Our weekend was no exception. It was awesome  (even due to our minor car setback). 

Here is my weekend recap:


I got up and made coffee using our new coffee grinder. It was so fresh and tasty doing it that way!  I hung out a bit until I went to the gym to take TCX (total conditioning extreme). It was really hard, but felt good to sweat the day after eating so poorly.

I came home and devoured some leftovers for lunch with my hubs and brother in laws.

Once the family left, my husband and I cleaned up, ordered Chinese food and relaxed. 

I chose the steamed chicken and veggies, brown rice, and wonton soup. YUM!


I woke up, made some coffee, ate a small breakfast, then went to the gym for a spinning class. It felt awesome!

After class and a quick shower, I went to the salon and got my hair chopped off. I love it!!! Once I got home, we watched the big football game (OSU vs. Michigan). 

After the game, we packed up and headed to Cleveland for our night away to see WICKED! It was beyond amazing and our hotel was so close. 

It was so fun to dress up and have a night out with this stud!

After the show and a cold walk back to the hotel, we watched some T.V. before bed.


We woke up and ate breakfast at the hotel, while talking about the play the night before. After breakfast, we took a chilly walk to Starbucks! 

After packing up, we headed home. We stopped at Potbelly and picked up lunch. 


After lunch, we put on Christmas music and spent all day decorating! 

It was so much fun decorating in our first home.

The rest of the evening was spent grocery shopping and cleaning before watching the Walking Dead. We both slept hard!

What a wonderful weekend!!

Have an awesome week, everyone!

With love, 


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