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Weekend Wrap-Up (A Date Night, Girl Time, And A Family Thanksgiving) Plus A B and W Photo Challenge Day 4 and 5

Ahh Sunday evening. I am currently laying on my couch, in front of my fireplace, after a busy day. Seriously it is the best feeling ever! I hope you all had a great weekend. I sure did! 


After work, I came home and got ready for a date night with my husband. We had Bibibop for dinner, then saw Justice League in the comfy theatre with reclining seats. We both loved the movie. 

Purple rice, chicken, corn, kale, carrots and cheese!! I got 3 different sauces on the side because I like variety. 


I slept in until 8:30, which is crazy late for me. I went on a 3 mile run outside to get ready for my Thanksgiving day race in the cold. It felt good and set the tone for my day.

After a shower, I met my best friend for a girl’s day! We got Starbucks, did some shopping, then saw Bad Moms Christmas in the dinner theater. It was a blast!

My meal was amazing. I get this pretty much every time I eat at the movies. It is their grilled chicken quinoa bowl. It has quinoa, chicken, asparagus, tomatoes, grilled onions, feta cheese, and a lemon dressing. Oh so tasty!!

Happy to get out for a day!


I woke up early and had a quick coffee before heading to the grocery store. 

After my shopping, I came home and got ready for family Thanksgiving with my husband’s family. We drove to his home town and enjoyed a full Thanksgiving meal and caught up with everyone. After we ate, we stopped by my husband’s parent’s house to see the pups and hang out a while.

We got home right around 8 and both ate a quick dinner. Now we are relaxing and watching T.V. 

Now to change this up a bit…

If you have seen my past few posts, you know that I was nominated to participate in the black and white photo challenge. 7 days, 7 pictures of your life, no people, no explanations.



I hopeyou guys have a great week! I will be preparing to host Thanksgiving for the first time. Busy busy!!
With love, 


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