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Nashville Bachelorette Weekend

Hello there, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I spent mine in Nashville for a bachelorette party. We had so much fun! 


My friend and I hit the road as soon as I was off of work, grabbed Jersey Mike’s subs for dinner, and made it to the airbnb house around 10. We spent that evening getting to know all the girls and just hang out. We talked until 2 am then crashed hard.


My friend and I were the first to get up, so we made a Starbucks run for some much needed coffee. Once everyone else got up we all got dressed in our “Bride’s Besties” t-shirts. We ate breakfast at a local coffee shop and it was delicious. 

Vegetable frittata and an almond milk cappuccino. Yum!!!

After breakfast, we walked to our first activity of the day: the pedal tavern. It was an absolute BLAST!! The driver/bartender was fun and had a great music playlist. We pedaled throughout the city and were able to stop a few times for pictures. 

I highly recommend this!

After the pedal tavern, we stopped for a quick lunch before heading back to the house. We took naps (yes, we are all old), smacked, and watched Wedding Crashers.

We all woke up and started getting ready around 5. We went to dinner at The Southern and the food was delicious!

My dinner was gumbo, a salad with tons of veggies and goat cheese, and grilled asparagus. We all also split bread and an appetizer. 

After dinner, we walked to The Florida Georgia Line House. The basement is a dance floor with a bar and the second floor is a restaurant with live music. The third floor had some seating and a rooftop, but we didn’t venture up there.

Next, we went to Tootsies, which was so crowded that it was impossible to have any space. It was crazy!

Last, we went to AJ’s (Alan Jackson’s) bar and it was my favorite! It wasn’t crowded, lots of seating, and the live music was fantastic!! Definitely more my cup of tea than getting shoved by strangers. 

Random pictures from the evening. 


Us early birds (3 of us) woke up and got Starbucks of course! We drank coffee as the others started waking up, and ate an egg bake that one of the girls made. We all chatted before packing and hitting the road!

My friend and I wanted a healthy lunch so we stopped for Panera and it was awesome. 

After driving a while, we stopped at a rest stop in Kentucky and saw the most random thing: a man bottle feeding his baby llama. For real, guys! It was so cute and he let us play with him. 

I mean….

When I finally got home I unpacked, played with my cats, heated up lasagna and almond bread, then sat to watch my shows! My husband got home from work a couple hours later and I was so happy to see him!

It was a great weekend! 

Now I have to get ready, but I can’t wait to catch up on all of your posts!

Have a wonderful day!

With love, 


19 thoughts on “Nashville Bachelorette Weekend”

  1. First off – so happy that you’re a special needs teacher! I’m a special needs mom, so please know that you are appreciated (I hope you hear it often). Next, what a fun bachelorette weekend! I love how you captured each moment. Your friend will cherish this post and those memories the rest of her days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so kind. I sure do love those babies. And let me tell you how awesome you are! I know how hard, yet absolutely rewarding it is. I swear, the parents are rockstars!! And I have always been the picture taker of the group 😊


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