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Weekend Round Up-World Cup Finals

Happy Monday, all! How was your weekend?! I hope great. Mine was full of fast cars, little sleep, and attempting to stay healthy. 


After work, I came home and packed for our 8 hour trek to Maryland for the racing World Cup Finals. For dinner, we stopped at Arby’s and I had their market fresh sandwich and a side salad. 

Pretty tasty for fast food! You can pretty much find healthy choices at fast food joints these days. 

We made it to the hotel around 230 am and both slept like rocks. 


We woke up around 9 and grabbed a quick breakfast at the hotel before heading to the track. Of course we stopped for Starbucks on the way!! 

Once we got to the track, we met up with my husband’s shop crew. His boss qualified for Sunday finals which was super exciting. We also saw a world record get broken. It was insane. 

Bundled up watching the race!

The car below is an Acura NSX.

It started raining around 6, so we decided to get going and grab dinner to take back to the hotel. 

Chick-fil-a is a great option for healthier fast food. I had a grilled chicken wrap and a super food side salad. YUM! 


Sunday was the main event! I woke up early and got a quick 30 min hiit workout in on the treadmill at the hotel. 

Not a bad little workout room.

After grabbing Starbucks, we made it to the track around 9 and it was already packed! 

My husband and his crew got their boss’ car all ready for the day. We did a lot of waiting for the track to get prepped and dried from all of the rain the night before. 

Finally, the race began. My husband’s boss made it to the semi finals, which is amazing since he was competing with some crazy fast racers! 

We were able to stand at the start to watch his boss race. What a rush! So proud of this crew!!

The race lasted until 1 am. We packed snacks and warm clothes. We had a lot of fun hanging out and watching all of the racing! 

A shop friend brought their puppy and I couldn’t get enough!! 

Once we finally got back to the hotel, we both crashed hard. 


This morning, I woke up around 8 and did a quick lifting session in the hotel gym. 

We packed up, grabbed Starbucks and food, and hit the road. We have about 6 hours left as I write this. 

Now I’m off to keep the hubs company! Have a great week!!

With love,


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