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Fit Friday-This Week In Healthy Eating And Fitness

Friday is here! Yes!! Is anyone else ready for the weekend? This week, I have worked on having a better attitude at work, and all of the positivity really made for a happier me. 

My week of food and fitness has been on point. Here is the recap!


I take each Sunday off of working out to let my body rest. 

The day was filled with church, time with my husband, and cleaning.

For dinner, we had burgers (mine was a sweet onion chicken burger with pepperjack cheese), sweet potato fries, and salad. SO much yum in one meal.


After work, I went to my Monday night workout class, the C9 challenge. It was a tough one, but I can feel myself getting stronger each week. 

For dinner we had grilled chicken, sweet potato fries, and mixed veggies.

 It was absolutely delicious. I could eat sweet potato fries every day. 


The day started with a spin class at my gym. The instructor is super motivating and it was a great class. 

Dinner was grilled salmon, which was mouth watering, and bulgar with peas, mango and black beans.


I started the morning with TCX (total conditioning extreme) at my gym. 

I love full body workouts and this class doesn’t disappoint!

We didn’t have students that day so my work bestie and I had Panera for lunch. It was fun to take a long lunch and get a lot done in our classroom.

Dinner was pizza grilled cheese and a huge sweet potato. 

Not a great picture, but it tasted great!


My morning workout was 30 minutes on the stair climber and it kicked my butt like crazy. 

My mom came over after work and we went to Whole Foods to grab something for dinner. 

Herbed turkey breasts, sweet potato and quinoa soup, and a mixed salad with all of the tasty toppings.

After dinner, I made an apple crisp. 

Guys, this was AMAZING! And healthy!! My husband loved it, too! 


I decided to sleep in today and go to the gym after work. 

My breakfast, consisting of oatmeal and greek yogurt topped with  leftover apple crisp. YUM! Such a hearty meal. Of course I had a large Starbucks coffee with it!

Now I need to get ready for work. 

Have a great day and weekend!!

With love, 


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