fall favorites

Fall Favorites 

Hi, friends!! Happy hump day! I hope you all are having a great week. Mine has been good, but I feel a cold coming on due to the rapid weather change. I am trying to knock it out before it gets too bad. I have been chugging water and drinking tea. I have also been using my essential oils. What do you guys do when you start to get a cold?!

Okay, enough of that. Onto why I love fall!!


My mums, our not yet carved pumpkin, and my fall wreath! 


I can’t help but smile when I am cuddled under a blanket watching movies in front of the fireplace!


This “bulletproof” latte is made with coffee, coconut oil, a touch of pumkin spice cappuccino powder  (all blended inny Ninja) and topped with cinnamon. 


I love scary things!! On Netflix, I am currently watching Scream (the t.v. show).

I also have gotten into this podcast called inside the exorcist, and it is not only spooky, but super interesting. 

The book I am reading is full of mystery and is the perfect amount of scary, but not too scary!


My husband and I were married on Halloween in 2015. No, it was not Halloween themed, it was the only October date available so I snatched it up! We did bust out some masks and fun props near the end and it was a blast.  

Seriously it was the best day ever! 

I also love fall candles, seeing adorable little ones all dressed up, and enjoying some candy that I typically wouldn’t eat! 

What do you guys love about fall?! Or not love?! 

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day and week!

With love, 


10 thoughts on “Fall Favorites ”

  1. My poor fireplace is still on vacation lol it’s almost November and we’re still in the 20’sº C (80’s) which is extremely weird and making me really sad. I love Fall but it seems like we’re not getting any this year. We’ve never had this kind of weather so late in the year and it has unfortunately been a tragedy for us because of wildfires. I wish I thought of decorating our house according to different seasons and holidays but things just seem to go by before I can get anything done at all. I have hosted a Halloween party about 2 years ago and it was super fun so I might do it again this year, despite the fact that I have a big birthday party on Saturday. It might be too much lol Happy anniversary to you and your hubby. October is my favorite month 🙂 Send me some fall vibes, please. I have lattes all year round and am always cold at some so blankets are my life lol but I would love the full seasonal experience. So sorry for the super long comment. Love. xx ❤

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    1. Our weather went from hot to freezing which I’m sad about! I hope we get the normal chilly fall weather I love so much!! Blankets are my life, too 😂 The wildfires make my heart hurt. I’ve said many prayers!! Thank you for the anniversary wishes! I hope you guys have so much fun on Saturday! I love the long comment!! 😊😊xx


  2. I’m curious to know what book you’re reading! I love mysteries. How interesting that you guys had your wedding on Halloween, it looks like you guys had such a fun and amazing wedding!! ❤

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      1. Oo, did you read Sharp Objects by her?? That’s the only book I’ve read of hers and it was amazing. I want to read all of them.

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