baby shower, duck, food

Family, Food, And A Duck Themed Baby Shower 

Hello, everyone! The last of my family has just left, and I am finally sitting down after a busy, but great weekend. 


I rushed home from work to clean before my in-laws came over for the weekend. I made a quick, easy dinner of Annie’s Mac and Cheese  (instant and organic) with squash and peas. I also had toast with I can’t believe it’s not butter and jelly. 

Pretty darn tasty.

Once our family got to our place, we headed out to a small venue to watch my husband’s cousin play with his band. The show was a charity event for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. It was so much fun!

It was a late night, but totally worth it.


We all woke up fairly early considering we went to bed so late. My brother in law made us a tasy breakfast of banana pancakes. 

Made with eggs, bananas, and cinnamon. We topped them with maple almond butter and honey!

After breakfast, I ran some errands, went on a 3 mile run, had lunch, then took a short nap before doing some cleaning and yard work. 

For dinner we ordered carry out from a place called the B Spot. It is an awesome burger place close to us. I had the impossible burger  (a vegan burger made to taste just like a regular burger) with pepperjack cheese and roasted peppers. 

We went to bed super early because we were all tired from the night before. 


My mom came over early so we could finish last minute things for the baby shower for my sister in law. We did a duck theme and it turned out perfect! 

Our mom-osa bar!

Gormet popcorn.

Donuts from our favorite place called Duck Donuts. Yum!!!

Our adorable table decorations!

The gift table.

Onesie decorations. We had puffy paint and stencils. The mom to be picked her favorite and that decorator won a prize!

The party started with decorating onesies, followed by food and mimosas. After lunch, we played a game, then judged the onesies. We ended the party with the presents! It was a great day! 

All of the boys watched football at my house, so after the party we all hung out a while. 

Some of my family! I love spending time with them.

Once everyone left I did a little cleaning. Now it is time to relax a bit before another work week! 

Have a great week!

With love, 


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