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A Wedding, Family Time, And Husky Love 

Hey there, everyone! I hope your weekend has been great. Mine sure has!


My husband’s cousin got married Friday night, so we drove to his family’s neck of the woods when he got off work. We had so much fun dancing and catching up with everyone. I didn’t take any good pictures, so I’m sharing one of all of us from a wedding last year. 

I love this picture so much. 


We woke up at the hotel we stayed at and had their breakfast. I ate as healthy as possible! I had scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and an apple with peanut butter. The hotel coffee was not good, so my husband and I stopped at Starbucks before heading to his parent’s house. 

Once we got to his parent’s place, we took the family husky, Bella out for a jog/walk. 

Isn’t she just the cutest?! Such a sweet girl!

After the run, we grilled out and showered before heading to the gun range. 
I look a little rough from the lack of sleep the night before haha! 

With my hubs and his best friend!

After the range, my college roommate (also my husband’s cousin) stopped over with her two little ones. 

Oh my heart. 

We went to bed pretty early since we were up so late the night before!

We woke up and stopped at Tim Hortons for food, and McDonald’s for coffee. We said our goodbyes to the family and pets.

Ozzie, the family cat! He’s so awesome.

Now we are on our way home to do some housework before another work week.

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

With love, 


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