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Fit Friday-My Week Of Food And Fitness 

Good morning and happy Friday, all!! I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. My husband and I have a wedding tonight and then we will be spending the weekend with his family. His brother just got home from completing the Appellation trail. Awesome, right? 6 months and a lot of miles later, he finished the whole thing! 

This week has been full of workout classes and good food, so I have to share with you guys!


I decided to workout after work and take one of my favorite classes called the C9 challenge.  It is a full body 45 minute workout where you use weights and your own body to tone and get cardio in. The instructor is so motivating and I always get a lot out of class. 

After class, I was starving. I had picked up an orange chicken stir fry kit from Kroger (on sale…yay) and we added chicken and red quinoa. It was SO good!! 


My friend came to visit so we took a boxing class, and guys, it kicked my butt. I get into classes like this because I can relase some frustration from the day. I have been pretty sore, but it was so much fun! I love having someone to workout with!

After class, we came back to my place where my wonderful mother had gotten us wraps, salads, and sides from Jason’s Deli!


This day consisted of lack of sleep, an early morning run, and a rushed dinner due to chiropractor appointments. Nothing too exciting, so here is a picture of my cat in a box. Haha!


The day started with a spinning class. I hadn’t taken one in a while, but it sure felt good. 

Dinner was leftover quinoa with chicken, a lemon dressing, cheese, and a corn and bean salad mixed in. Super tasty!!  

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed the little insight to my week! It is off to the gym and work for me. Have a wonderful day and weekend! 

With love, 


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