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Weekend Wrap-up  (Food, Fast Cars, And A Little Sickness)

Happy Monday, all! I have enjoyed having an extra long weekend due to Labor Day. It has been a fun, productive, and relaxing weekend  (minus getting my first cold of the season). 


I slept in longer than usual Saturday morning due to a cold and just plain feeling exhausted. It was gross and rainy outside so I drank coffee under my heated blanket in front of my fire place for a while.

After some relaxing, I felt good enough for a treadmill workout at my gym. I decided to get one of my favorite smoothies from the gym cafe after my run. 

Cocoa matcha smoothie with almond milk.

After the gym, my husband and I went to his shop so he could change my oil and work on his car. 

The evening was spent having an at home date night. We tried a new spot for dinner called Poke Bros. They have build your own bowls and are known for their fish. 

My bowl had brown rice, chicken  (I should have gotten fish), carrots, avacado, ginger, edamame, toasted coconut, and 2 different sauces. Very tasty!

After dinner, we watched the new Baywatch. We thought it was hilarious!!


 We spent the day at the race track for an event called Import Faceoff. The track was having issues which made for a long day, but the weather was beautiful and I always enjoy watching my husband race!

Hanging out in between races.

My husband! 

After the race we went out to dinner at one of our go to places. I got grilled Cajun chicken fingers and a salad.


I woke up with my sinuses feeling pretty swollen. I slept nearly 10 hours which I never do. I took a bath with essential oils and epsom salts, took some meds, and did a short yoga video. That helped a lot and I got the energy to go outside for a short run. 

Once I got back, my husband and I tagged teamed house work, yard work, and grocery shopping. 

Dinner was turkey burgers and plantain cooked in coconut oil. 

I could literally eat it every day. 

Now we are just relaxing until our show comes on. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

With love, 


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