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C9 Challenge Inspired Workout 

Good morning and happy hump day, friends! If I am being honest, I am absolutely exhausted and already wishing it was the weekend. How has your week been?! 

I typically take a workout class on Monday evenings called the C9 challenge, but due to my cat having a vet appointment I wasnt able to go. I love the layout of the class and decided to make my own that morning. 

Here is the C9 layout:

Warmup  (5 to 10 minutes)

1 min of an upper body excercise, 1 min lower body, 1 min of abs. Repeat that 3 times. After your third round you do 1 min of a cardio excercise. 

Then you do the same layout (upper, lower, abs x3, then cardio) 2 more times. 

Cool down!

It is a killer good workout! Below is mine! I used dumbells and barbells.

  • 1 min bicept curls-x’s 3
  • 1 min alternating lunges-x’s 3
  • 1 min bench pikes-x’s 3
  • 1 min star jumps

1 min rest

  • 1 min incline chest press-x’s 3
  • 1 min squat pulses-x’s 3
  • 1 min plank dips-x’s 3
  • 1 min squat jumps

1 min rest 

  • 1 min shoulder raises-x’s 3
  • 1 min calf raises-x’s 3
  • 1 min plank-x’s 3
  • 1 min bench jumps or burpees

Cool down!

*please note that I am not a personal trainer and only post workouts that work for me and my body. 

If you get a chance to try this let me know! 

Yesterday morning, I went for a run around my neighborhood before a long day at work. That evening, we celebrated a friend’s birthday at a place called Chuy’s. It is tex mex food and boy was it awesome. I wanted to stay as healthy as possible so I ordered chicken fajitas (and didn’t eat the tortillas, rice, or sour cream). It also came with beans, guacamole and tomatoes. 


I am looking forward to eating my leftovers for lunch today!

Well, that’s all I have! I hope you guys have a great day!!

With love, 


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