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“Nacho” Average Couple’s Shower, Weekend Food, Fitness, And DIY Projects 

Hi there, everyone! How has your weekend been?? Mine has been pretty great and relaxing.  I am excited to share with you guys!


The day started with a chilly (thank you, weather) 3 mile run around my neighborhood. With the cooler temperature, my run felt amazing. 

After my run I got ready to help set up my friend’s couples shower. The theme was “nacho average couples shower”. We had a taco bar, drinks, games and delicious desserts.  

All of the taco toppings! We also had rice, chicken,  pork, and beef. How cute is the cake?!

Below shows me and the bride, the bridesmaids, and one of the games.

Games: First was the shoe game. The couple sat back to back and answered “who is more likely” questions by raising the shoe of either themselves or the other. 

Game two: the bride is blindfolded and has to guess her groom out of a group of guys by touching different body parts. It was hilarious. 

After the shower, my husband and I got Chinese take out and rented a movie before bed. Those are my favorite kind of nights!


I started the day off with coffee of course! I had some bananas that needed used up so I made my chocolate almond butter banana bread for breakfast. 

In the batter I used maple almond butter and topped my slice with vanilla flavor. I also had some cereal. Yum!! I have the recipe for the bread on a previous post!

After breakfast, I decided to take a yoga class at my gym and I’m SO glad I did. I focused hard, and was able to do things I didn’t think I could do. There really is something about that class that gets me out of my head. 

Once class was over, I did my weekly grocery trip, folded laundry, and cleaned up. My husband worked outside on our yard and built us a DIY fire pit! 

I love it so much!!!

Now we are winding down with wine and leftovers.

Dinner of champs!

I hope you guys have a great evening! 

With love, 


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