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The Couple That Cooks Together… (Homemade Brushetta and Protein PB Cups)

Hello all you wonderful people! How was your weekend? Mine was lovely, busy, and full of fun. 


The morning started off with an early (5:45 am) barbell strength workout class at my gym.

After my workout, I met one of my girlfriends for a day trip to meet our other friend’s new born. We had so much fun holding the baby and catching up. We stayed a couple hours before heading home. 

The evening was relaxing and my husband and I went to bed early. 


The morning started with coffee and a 3 mile run around my neighborhood. 

When I got back from my run, my husband and I spent a few hours cleaning the house while discussing what we wanted to do that evening. 

We came up with putt putt and a cooking night. I was in charge of dessert, while my husband was on appetizer duty. We decided to grill out for the main course. 

Glow in the dark mini golf! We had never seen anything like this, but had so much fun.

After mini golf we went to the store and gathered everything we needed for dinner.

Our appetizer was a homemade brushetta with toasted bread. Guys, this was AMAZING. I mean I couldn’t stop eating it.

It had tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, garlic cloves, olive oil, a little bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper. We drizzled the top with balsamic vinegar. 

All of the ingredients were fresh and all the prep paid off!

Doesn’t it look so tasty!?

I mean…..


My plate! 

After dinner, it was time for dessert (which I actually prepared earlier in the day). Protein chocolate peanut butter cups!

I adapted this recipe from one I found on Pintrest and it turned out awesome. 


  • 1/4 cup of coconut oil
  • 1 scoop of chocolate peanut butter protein powder 
  • Peanut or almond butter (I did half peanut, half almond)
  • Mini muffin tin 

Step 1: 

  • melt coconut oil and mix with protein powder 
  • Spray a mini muffin tin with cooking spray (or fill with mini liners)
  • Place a small layer into tins
  • Freeze for about 10 minutes 

Step 2:

  • Place a small layer of peanut or almond butter on top of the chocolate layers (I did half almond for me and half peanut for my husband)
  • Freeze about 10 minutes 

Step 3:

  • Place chocolate layer on top of each peanut butter layer 
  • Freeze 10 minutes or so 

Step 4:

  • Remove PB cups from tin and store in a container in the fridge until ready to serve

Dessert was a hit! Next, we watched a red box to finish our evening. It was perfect! 


Sunday started with coffee followed by a drive to my mom’s new place. We spent the day helping her unpack, hang pictures, and set up her electronics. It was a long day, but everything went so well and her place felt homey by the time we were done. 

After our busy day we went to dinner with my family and it was delicious. I had lettuce wraps and braised brussel sprouts.


Well, that sums up my weekend! Have a great week, friends!

With love, 


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