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Weekend Wrap-up (workouts, food, and a date night)

Happy Monday,  everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Between some fitness, eating out, and a date night, ours was great. 


The morning started out with an early, hot and sweaty 3 mile run. I came back to this adorable view:

After a shower, I met my work bestie at Starbucks. The school year starts soon and we are getting ready, excited-ish, and nervous. 

When I left there, my hubs called and asked me to meet him at Chipotle for lunch. I love mid-day meet ups with him.

The evening was spent watching the Notebook at home. Cue all of the tears.


The morning started with protein pancakes. I took a protein mix and added a heaping TBSP of chocolate peanut butter  protein powder and cocoa nibs to the batter. I also topped them with honey. YUM!

Next was a couple’s workout. We jogged to the park by us, and once we got there we used the benches and equipment to do jumps, pushups, etc. I love working out together. 

After some house cleaning and showers, we utalized gift cards and movie points for a date night! The evening started with dinner at Roosters. (Thanks for the gift card, mom).

Mine was just a tad healthier than his haha

After dinner, we went to Coopershawk winery for a glass of wine. I had rhubarb and my husband had raspberry. 

Next, we walked around outside until it was movie time. We saw the new Transformers in our favorite theater. Who doesn’t love reclining leather chairs at the movies?

It was a great date night!!


The day started with a huge breakfast with my husband’s parents, followed by a Lowes trip for more house stuff. I could spend so much time and money there.

After that, we spent some time to chill before doing more house work.

I ended the evening with a hot yoga class at my gym! It was amazing and oh so needed. 

Well, there you have it! Have a great start of your week!

With love, 


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