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Pizza Grilled Cheese And A Home Town Visit

Hi there, everyone! I hope the week is treating you well. Mine has been great and here is why…


After an early workout, I drove to my home town to visit. Stop one was my best friend’s house. We went to Starbucks, followed by lunch at Mimi’s Cafe! It was so much fun spending time with her. I am trying to see her as often as possible before the school year starts and I go back to work.

Next, I went to my mom’s house to celebrate my nephew’s 5th birthday. We played at the pool and had a lot of fun.

A little later, my friend came over and we cooked together. The meal was so easy and SO tasty!!



  • Thick bread (we used a whole wheat bread)
  • Cheese slices (we used mild cheddar)
  • Pizza or pasta sauce (we used tomato basil pasta sauce)
  • Pepperoni  (we used turkey pepperoni)
  • Fresh basil 
  • Butter  (we used earth balance)


  • Butter one side of each slice of bread
  • Add sauce, cheese, more sauce, pepperoni, and basil
  • Top with other slice of bread 
  • Butter side down, place into a pan on medium heat until slightly brown on both sides 

I loved it so much that I made one for lunch the next day!


The day started with a workout at my mom’s apartment gym.

Afterwards, we went to Starbucks and met up with my best friend and her two little ones. I just adore them.

Once we were finished with coffee, we went to see my dad and grandparent’s graves. The cemetery is absolutely beautiful and the day was perfect. I felt at peace this visit. Sometimes it is too much and I cry (a lot), but not this time. 

Such a peaceful day.

After our visit and lunch, I drove back home to my cats and amazing husband. I always miss them so much when I’m gone! 
I hope you guys have a wonderful day! 

With love, 


16 thoughts on “Pizza Grilled Cheese And A Home Town Visit”

  1. What a great idea – definitely going to have to try that grilled cheese! We like to do a Hawaiian grilled cheese in my house – ham, cheddar, and a pineapple slice/ring. (Just pat the pineapple dry before you put it on the sandwich, and use some sturdy bread. Otherwise, it can get soggy.)

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  2. This looks yummy! I am vegetarian but could easily leave the pepperoni off. I love both pizza and grilled cheese, so am certain I would enjoy this.


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