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Weekend Food And Fitness (30 minute Hiit Workout)

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are having a great weekend so far. Mine has been fairly uneventful, which I am totally fine with. We have been so busy lately that we needed a relaxing weekend. I want to fill you in anyway, because I always enjoy sharing the delicious food I eat and my workouts. 


My mom was here visiting so I took her to my gym! She speed walks the treadmill and I did a workout on the one next to her. 

My workout was 30 minutes on the treadmill. 

30 minute hiit workout:

1 mile warm up

One round of 1 min left shuffle, one min right shuffle, and one min walk.

 One round of 1 min speed walk at an incline, 1 min jog at an incline, and one min walk.

One round of 1 min steady jog, 1 min sprint, and 1 min walk.

Repeat each round one more time through  (total of 6).

Cool down!

After the gym we went shopping, met some of my work friends for a drink, then headed to my husband’s shop so he could fix my mom’s breaks. Once we left the shop, my mom headed home and my husband and I grabbed Chipotle for dinner. 


After breakfast, I headed to the gym for a spin class. I have never gone on a Saturday and apparently they have strobe lights going the whole time. It was pretty cool and I enjoyed the energy a lot.

Not for those who get dizzy easily. 

After the gym, I made a taco salad from my taco cupcake leftovers. 

The original meal! (I am happy to share this recipe if anyone wants it).

Taco salad for the win!

We went to dinner at a place called Bibibop. It works like Chipotle, but the food is Asian. It is SO good!!

Mine is the colorful one on the left! It had purple rice, spicy chicken, bean sprouts, corn, carrots, and kale. I had a side of teriyaki sauce, too!

After dinner, we saw the new Spiderman! Our theatre is fun because it has reclining leather seats. We both loved the movie! It was a great date night.


This morning started with Coconut Coffee in my favorite mug and a healthy breakfast. 

Chocolate peanut butter cookie cup topped with almond butter and nuts, and a yogurt with almonds and oat bran cereal.

Now it is off to church before doing more house work! 

Have a wonderful day! 

With love, 


*please note that I only post workouts that work for me and my body. What works for me may not work or be safe for everyone. 

16 thoughts on “Weekend Food And Fitness (30 minute Hiit Workout)”

  1. I need to make a fitness plan too, I think like you I should at first concentrate on Cardio to increase my stamina and endurance. I’m glad that you are sticking to your plan and best of luck 🙂

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