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Weekend Vibes And Fun Finds

Good morning, everyone! How is your weekend going!? I’m slightly antsy because we leave for vacation tomorrow. Our flight is at 5:30 am. I will definitely need coffee! I have a decent sized to-do list today! I will start that soon, but first, coffee and blogging. 

Yesterday started with an early morning spin class. It felt great to sweat. The energy in the room was amazing and super motivating. 

After my workout, I met a girlfriend for Starbucks and Ikea. Have you ever navigated your way through an Ikea!? It is like a maze, but I seriously wanted everything! I left with this find:

A perfect little table and chairs for our deck! Less than $60 for the whole set. My husband and I enjoyed coffee at it this morning. 

After Ikea, I called my husband to meet me for lunch. He worked all day and needed a break. We met at a local spot and one of my favorite  food finds ever! The place is called Oak Hill Barbeque and the food is melt in your mouth amazing. The owner calls himself “fat man” and engages with the customers constantly! We LOVE this place. 

The inside. 

Our meals. I had chicken wings, corn bread, and smoked cabbage. My husband had ribs, cole slaw, and cornbread. We both had leftovers! AMAZING!

After lunch, I went home and cleaned! Later in the evening, I had leftovers (along with a sweet potato and an english muffin), and watched The Break Up while hanging with my cats. Crazy night, I know! 

Aren’t they adorable?! 

Well, I guess I should get busy with my day! Hope you all have a fabulous one. I will update from the beach!

With love,


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