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Unexpected Motivation

Hi and happy Monday, everyone! We are officially back from vacation #1. We had a wonderful time, but it sure feels great to be home. We leave Next Monday for another family vacation (this time with my side). On our way home from the lake we stopped for lunch at a nice rest stop, and of course I had to get Starbucks! A week without it was long enough.

My lunch was a spinach feta wrap, salt and vinegar kettle chips, and a coffee with soy milk. SO good. 20170703_084307

My husband’s not so healthy lunch. I had to take a couple of onion rings, you know, just to make sure they tasted okay. haha!


When we got home, we did some unpacking and catching up on our TV shows, thanks to DVR.

Our cats were thrilled to have us home! They haven’t left my side and I just love them SO much! My sweet babies have some attachment issues.

Yesterday was all about getting back on track and house work! I started the morning with coffee, cat cuddles, and protein waffles. 20170703_084412

Next, I went to the dam near my house for a stair workout (which always kicks my butt). I needed a good workout after a week of relaxing, eating, and drinking. I realized my motivation was lacking after a couple times up the stairs. It was so hot and I wanted to quit. Then, out of nowhere, came some unexpected motivation. A man stopped me, and we began talking. He had been walking the stairs as I was running them. He told me that he had broken his hip and since recovering he wanted to come back and give his all plus some. His drive and willingness to work so hard after an injury pushed me in ways I can’t even explain. He was motivation to me, and it just made my day. I finished my workout and felt great the rest of the day. So THANK YOU, sir, for your hard work, and helping push me through the pain. You are awesome!

*I ran 105 stairs, 10 times through.


After my workout, I came home and had lunch. Then my husband and I worked on our house all day (we organized, deep cleaned, stained trim, and took care of the flowers). Yay for being productive!

Stay motivated, friends!

With love,


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