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A Day With My Niece

Hi guys!! How are you today!? We leave for vacation #1 on Thursday and I have a lot to do beforehand. Laundry, cleaning, packing, shopping for the trip, etc. I can’t wait though. We always have a blast at the lake with my husband’s family.

Anyway, yesterday I had a girl’s day with my niece. We both love girl time, especially since we both have two brothers and no sisters. Being an aunt is one of my favorite things and we had a great day.

After I picked her up, we went to lunch at Whole Foods. We both made meals from the bar and it was excellent as always. I made a salad with curry tofu on top. I also had a Zevia to drink (which is pop made with stevia and no nasty sweetners or crap in it).

We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather while we ate. 

My niece loves art, so I took her to a studio where you paint pottery. It was awesome and she couldn’t stop talking about it! We were there nearly 3 hours.

They had TONS of options of items you could paint. I chose a vase and anchor, my

She’s just the sweetest!

After painting we did some shopping and picked up some healthy dinner foods! Those include chicken sausages, sweet potatoes, a salad kid, and coconut water. Sooo tasty!

We finished off the day at my mom’s pool. My brother brought the rest of the family over and we had fun hanging out with them!

It was a perfect evening!

Well, that’s all I have for now! I hope you guys have a wonderful day and I can’t wait to update from the lake.

With love, 


4 thoughts on “A Day With My Niece”

  1. What a lovely day with your neice 😊 I can’t wait to have a neice one day, I love the pottery painting studio we haven’t been to one of those in ages so think I will have to take a trip soon! 🙂

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