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Legs And Chest Workout Plus My Summer Goals

Happy Friday, friends! We made it through the week and after today, I have officially made it through another school year!! I am so pumped for this break. We have had a hell of a year and it is time to relax. I am getting a cold, which is upsetting because my friend and I are leaving for Nahsville on Sunday. I am just going to try to rest and drink a ton of fluids!! 

I wanted to share a quick workout with you guys. I did this yesterday morning and it was a good one. Some people don’t like doing chest and legs together, but I do, so I figured I’d share. This has a cardio option in it, but to save time I didn’t do it. 

I focused a lot on my form and slowing down. I can sure feel it today!

*note that I am not a personal trainer and only post workouts that work for me and my body. 

Next, I always see people posting goals, so I decided to make a summer goal list! 

  1. Learn more about blogging! I have already learned so much since starting Caffeinatedcarly, and want to take more time investing into my blog and the blogging community. 
  2.  Take better pictures. I love the beautiful pictures I see on so many blogs and I want to work on mine. I eventually want to invest in a nice camera!
  3. Slow down, take a breath, and cherish my family. I want to spend quality time with my family. No phones, or distractions, just making memories. 
  4. Cook more and try a variety of foods! I want to branch out and try dishes that I never would have tried before. 
  5. Find ways to de-stress. More yoga and meditation for my anxiety! I went off of medicine in hopes of trying for a little one soon, so I want to find more natural ways of coping with my stress/anxiety.

I am sure more will pop up, but for now that is it!!😊

Before I go, I will share my awesome morning pictures of a jog around my neighborhood, followed by avocado toast with an egg and hot sauce for breakfast!

Such a peaceful run with pretty views!

My tasty toast!! I also had a yogurt with mixed nuts! YUM!!!

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend! I can’t wait to recap my Nashville trip! 

Talk to you all soon!!

With love, 


12 thoughts on “Legs And Chest Workout Plus My Summer Goals”

  1. Great goals!!! I need to do more working out….I’ve already reached my gold weght loss 12 lbs in 5 months ….now i just need to build up muscle again …..also #3 is a great goal ….for me it’s one of my main focuses right now so I’m trying to make it a point to spend lots of time with my kiddos this summer

    Erica Valentin

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    1. Wow congrats on your weight loss!!! That is awesome! I love building muscle…it is a great feeling! And yes…how fun to spend time with the kiddos! I’m sure they keep you busy 😉


  2. I can only do workouts focusing on one area at a time, otherwise it’s too hard XD
    Great goals by the way Carly! I especially love number 4, I’ve been wanting to do that too, but I just have favourites that I always come back too XD They’re comfort food! But I want to get more adventurous too and try eating or making something new 🙂

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