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Quick Full Body DB Workout 

Happy Friday, everyone!! Who else is ready for the weekend? We are painting our bedroom, which I’m pretty pumped about. 

Yesterday after work, I headed to my home town  (about an hour and a half from where I currently live) to see my best friend and her new born baby girl, then get dinner and stay the night at my mom’s place. It was a wonderful, but short visit. My mom always stocks me up on food when I visit. She’s so sweet. I also love to visit and see my pup, Carson. He is 14! 

One of my friends came over later with one of our favorite desserts. We made a lightened up version of blackberry apple crisp with halo top ice cream. It is heaven! I’ll post that recipe soon♡

Here is a preview! Yum!!!

This morning I woke up at 5 to workout before the drive to work. My mom’s apartment has a super nice gym, so I did a 30 minute full body DB workout, then had a Starbucks with my mom before hitting the road. 

I hope you can read my handwriting! The ab excercises I repeated 3 times through. I also did a 5 minute warmup before and a half mile run after! It was a quick one, but I still felt like I got a lot out of it! Feel free to ask about any of the excercises. I make up some of the names. 

*please note that I am not a personal trainer and only post workouts that work for me.

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend! 

With love, 


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