When You Give A Girl A Mother 

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope your weekend was fantastic. Being able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom and mother in law made my heart happy. My mom and I did a 5k together, then got Starbucks. Then, my husband’s family came over and spent the rest of the day with us.

 I wanted to share a little tribute to my mother. She made me who I am and this is just a little something to honor her.

When you give a girl a mother, I hope she is like mine.

  • I hope she cherishes every moment she spends with her family. How cute are we? I’m the little nugget. My mom loves every second she spends with us. We lost my dad to cancer in 2012, and she taught me how to love each moment.
  • I hope she supports your hobbies and the things you love.My mother has cheered me on at every sport and every race I have ever done. From swimming to biking, to full days spent cheering me on while I did a half Ironman. She is her own cheer section, and I guarantee she is louder that 99 percent of the others. 
  • I hope she teaches you how to love with your whole heart. These two are the reason I learned how to love so deeply. I don’t even have to explain because this picture says 1000 words.
  • I hope she is your best friend. This beautiful woman is my best friend. I can literally talk to her about anything without judgement. She always has the best advice, and keeps me calm when my anxiety is out of control.

Well, here’s to you, mom. Here’s to my mother in law, who is also an amazing woman that I admire so much. And here is to all of the mammas out there. You are awesome! 

Have a great week! 

With love, 


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