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500 Rep Barbell Workout 

Good morning, friends! How has your weekend been?? Ours has been great. Friday after work, I went to the gym. After the gym and a shower, my husband took me on a date to the dinner movie theater  (with reclining chairs) to eat, drink, and see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. The movie was great and so were the drinks! Somehow, our dinner got lost in the mix so we didn’t get to eat. We did get 4 free movie tickets though! Also, we got bibibop after the movie because we were starving by then.
My husband had a strawberry margarita and I had a pear martini! Yum!

Saturday, we came to visit my husband’s family and celebrate a sweet little girl’s first birthday. 

Poor thing was over pictures. This made me laugh so much.

This morning, I woke up and my father in law got us coffee, and now my husband is cooking me breakfast. I love this family so much!

Now onto the workout! On Friday, I wanted to do a full body wokout with minimal equipment. I only used my body, one barbell (30 lbs) and a bench. It was quick and efficient…just how I like it! 

Warm up on a cardio machine, then repeat the following exercises 2 times through! This will end up being 500 full reps. Pick a barbell that is challenging, but you can perform each excercise properly.

  • 25 barbell lunges
  • 25 barbell shoulder press
  • 25 barbell curls 
  • 25 barbell chest press
  • 25 barbell tricept press (do a close grip chest press, focusing on triceps)
  • 25 pikes on bench
  • 25 barbell calf raises
  • 25 barbell back rows
  • 25 barbell squat and kick
  • 25 star jumps (or squat jumps)
  • Repeat 

There you have it!! Please be careful starting any new workout routine. I am just a fitness lover, but not a personal trainer!

I hope you guys enjoy and have a fabulous day!!

With love, 


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