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Skinny Champagne Slushies

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I hope you are ready for another work week. I am…I think. This weekend was pretty darn relaxing for my husband and I. We are finally settled into our home and now get to do the fun things; gardening, decorating,  grilling out, and hanging out on our deck. I feel peaceful and happy right now!!

Now, onto the slushies! My girlfriends and I have had “girl’s night” once a week since college. Years of getting together, cooking, and watching Pretty Little Liars has been amazing, and I am so glad our tradition has continued.  I host most of the time  (which I love), but we all pitch in on the cooking! We have a blast. The other night I wanted something fruity and sweet, especially since the weather has been so warm, so I came up with a super easy champagne slushie that is also low calorie! Win!!

The amount of ingredients you need will depend on how many people you are serving. 


  • Equal parts Trop 50 orange juice  (half the calories of regular OJ, but still tasty) -I used around 4 cups 
  • Equal parts champagne or a little less (or more) than OJ (I used a touch less, but adjust to your liking) -i used around 2 and a half cups
  • Frozen strawberries  (make sure you remove tops before you freeze them. I didn’t and they were a pain to remove) -I used around 2 cups 


  • Mix everything in a high power blender  (I used my Ninja) and serve immediately 

The amount I used served 4 of us. Store the rest in the fridge or freezer!

I served mine in my nice wine glasses and garnished with fresh strawberries! They were SO tasty and will be a staple summer drink!

I hope you guys get the chance to try these and enjoy them as much as we did!! 

Have a wonderful week! 

With love, 


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