Stairs and Scenery Workout 

Hi, everyone!! I hope you are having a great week. I just have to make it to 3:00, and then it is officially break from work! Talk about the perks of teaching! I also have happy hour planned. A magarita in the sunshine sounds amazing! 

Yesterday after work I knew I wanted to do an outdoor workout. The weather was ideal: 60’s and breezy. I luck out living near trails and Hoover dam (Ohio). I went over to Hoover to run stairs and let me tell you, they are steep. I always get a kick-butt workout there! On top of that, the scenery is beautiful and the dam is full of families and dogs. It makes me feel at peace being surrounded by the beauty and happiness. There is no better way to clear my head. 

I wanted to share my workout with you guys! 

Would you look at those stairs!!

To start my workout,  I jogged at the top for about a half mile.

Next, I sprinted up the stairs, and jogged down 10 times. 10 painful, heart pumping times.

Last, I jogged half a mile before a short walk (while enjoying the view) to cool down.

Some other ideas:

  • Jog in between sets of stairs
  • At the bottom of the stairs add burpees, jumps, pushups, etc.
  • Jump squats up the stairs

The beautiful view!! 

I hope you can get outside for some fun workouts this spring/summer. 

Have a great rest of your day!! 

With love,


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