Fit Friday-30 min sweaty treadmill workout 

Hi guys!

I wanted to share my favorite, go to treadmill workout. Let me start by saying that  I usually  can’t stand the treadmill. I get bored so easily! This workout, however, helps me beat boredom, makes me super sweaty, and it is quick! Win-win right there!

First I do a 5 minute build, starting with an easy jog and building every minute until I’m at a comfortable run. Once I hit the 5 minute mark, I run steady until I hit a mile. Then I take about a 2 minute walk until I get into my circuit.

Next, I do 6 rounds of a one minute jog, one minute sprint all out, then a one minute recovery. That typically takes me to about three miles and 30 minutes! Sometimes I add in hill sprints if I’m feeling crazy.

This workout can be tailored to any fitness abilities. You can break it into 30 second intervals or you can speed walk instead of run. Whatever works for you!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

With love,


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